Speech science booth with Dr. Georgia Zellou

Speech Science Booth

2023 UC Davis Picnic Day

Learning about Speech Science

The UC Davis Phonetics Lab and Language Learning Lab hosted a joint Speech Science Booth at this year's Picnic Day, a campus-wide open house. Children and adults tried examples of experiments and learned about how we produce, perceive, and learn speech patterns. Thanks to all who came by the booth and our fantastic group of postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate research assistants who helped out! 


Some snapshots!

Children at the booth
Eve Perkins Booker leading a spectrogram circling activity, while another child tries an example experiment
Showing example experiment
Savannah Ealy showing an experiment example
Dr. Nora Beier showing an example experiment to a family
Dr. Nora Beier showing an example experiment to a family
child trying experiment
Dr. Georgia Zellou showing an example experiment
Visitors at the booth
Visitors at the booth! Trying example experiments and the spectrogram activity
Trying an experiment
A student trying out an experiment
Children testing the booth
Children testing out the sample experiments
Speech science booth
Our afternoon booth helpers! Savannah Ealy, Jules Vonessen, Eve Booker, Riley Stray, Dr. Nora Beier, & Dr. Michelle Cohn