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Article accepted to Glossa (Zellou & Cohn)

Congrats to Dr. Georgia Zellou and postdoc Michelle Cohn for a recently accepted paper to Glossa: Apparent-time change in the use of multiple cues for perception of anticipatory nasal coarticulation in California English. 

Paper accepted to Journal of Phonetics (Aoki & Zellou)

Congrats to PhD student, Nicholas Aoki, and Dr. Georgia Zellou for their recently accepted paper to the Journal of Phonetics: Being clear about clear speech: Intelligibility of hard-of-hearing-directed, non-native-directed, and casual speech for L1- and L2-English listeners. 

Congrats to Nicholas Aoki

Congratulations to grad student, Nicholas Aoki, who was one of the winners of the POMA Student Paper Competition from the 184th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). As part of his award, he was featured on Across Acoustics, the official podcast of the Acoustical Society of America!

Congratulations to Nick Aoki!

UCD PhonLab PhD student Nicholas Aoki has been selected as a winner of the POMA Student Paper Competition for his paper and presentation at the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Chicago Meeting titled “When clear speech does not enhance memory: Effects of speaking style, voice naturalness, and listener age.”

Unfold Podcast (Cohn & Zellou)

Professor Georgia Zellou and postdoc Michelle Cohn were interviewed by Amy Quinton, of Unfold Podcast, at UC Davis on June 16th. They shared some of their research on human interactions with voice technology and discussed the implications for speech communication and language more generally. 

The full podcast is now out! 

New Language paper (Zellou, Cohn, & Pycha)

Congratulations to Drs. Georgia Zellou, Michelle Cohn, and Anne Pycha for paper, “The effect of listener beliefs on perceptual learning: Comparing adaptation to a vowel shift across device and human guises”, accepted for publication at Language.