Phonlab Talks @ LSA 2023

5 talks by PhonLab members!

Five talks by several PhonLab members at the Annual Linguistics Society of America (LSA) conference in Denver:

  1. Register adaptations toward Alexa: Comparing children and adults; Michelle Cohn, Santiago Barreda, Katharine Graf Estes, Zhou Yu, & Georgia Zellou

  2. Perceptually-motivated influences on nasal coarticulatory variation in French; Georgia Zellou & Ioana Chitoran

  3. Non-uniform scaling of formant patterns is phonetically salient; Santiago Barreda

  4. There is no female vocal tract: Abandoning essentialist ideology in phonetics; Santiago Barreda & Michael T. Stuart

  5. Under-informative utterances can be more accepted from digital devices than humans; Nicholas Aoki, Masoud Jasbi, & Georgia Zellou