Congrats to Dr. Aleese Block!

Congratulations to PhonLab grad student, Dr. Aleese Block, for filing her dissertation, Cue weighting and enhancement in systems of contrast: vowel quantity in Norwegian

We are thrilled that Dr. Block has accepted a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for the Phonetic Sciences at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

New JASA paper (Zellou, Pycha, & Cohn)

Congrats to Georgia Zellou, Anne Pycha, & Michelle Cohn for their recently accepted paper in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA): "The perception of nasal coarticulatory variation in face-masked speech". 

Welcome new research assistants (RAs)!

Welcome new RAs!

We are thrilled to have a fantastic new cohort of undergraduate research assistants (RAs) helping on a variety of PhonLab projects. 

  • Grisha Bandodkar
  • Nishchala Beeram
  • Benjamin Getz
  • Mercedes Herrrera
  • Lauren Kim
  • Mira Kren
  • Jasmine Muñoz
  • Elizabeth Tedrow
  • Alexander Tse

Phonlab Talks @ LSA 2023

Five talks by several PhonLab members at the Annual Linguistics Society of America (LSA) conference in Denver:

  1. Register adaptations toward Alexa: Comparing children and adults; Michelle Cohn, Santiago Barreda, Katharine Graf Estes, Zhou Yu, & Georgia Zellou

  2. Perceptually-motivated influences on nasal coarticulatory variation in French; Georgia Zellou & Ioana Chitoran

  3. Non-uniform scaling of formant patterns is phonetically salient; Santiago Barreda